Tiree: Normal Service Will Be Resumed


After a night of prolonged high winds gusting to 73mph, the sea in the Passage of Tiree was ‘huge’ From our living room window we could see powerful waves out at sea and wave after wave breaking on the island and rocks surrounding the inlet known as ‘Millport’. With strong winds still blowing, plumes of water could be seen – even above the headland.

Look at the height and consider the volume

Once again the ferry had to be cancelled. It wasn’t just the strength of the wind, there was a huge swell that sent waves crashing over the approach to the pier. The small beach in front of the CalMac office was strewn with seaweed. Thanks to the pier master Roddy Mackay for allowing ‘lifeontireee’ to have access to his photographs. Just look at the height of the water breaking over the pier. Imagine the volume of water crashing down. No wonder that some of the ducting for the pier lighting was dislodged.

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Although the winds have picked up again this evening, it will be nothing like the wind speed experienced at the pier between midnight 3pam on Friday 9th January January – 86.5mph. Last night, Thursday 14th, the wind speed peaked at 73mph, however the base wind speed was high and it was more prolonged. Still we only lost one slate off the roof!

The damaged trunking

Tomorrow this extended spell of stormy weather is due to calm down allowing the ferry to make another ‘additional sailing’ (normally no Friday crossing on the winter timetable.) Hopefully our ferry service will return to normal on Saturday.

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