Rainbow Photograph
Dark Skies help make Bright Rainbows

We are safely back home, thankful for the safe arrival of our grand-daughter, a sister for our grand-son. Thankful to be able to visit them in London, just two weeks after the birth. Thankful for the manner in which our travel arrangements all worked out. Ursula caught the last ferry before it was cancelled for three days, because of adverse weather and I managed to fly out in spite of the high winds. Trains were warm and comfortable and ran to timetable. And on our return the ferry managed to safely berth in spite of the high winds of the previous twelve hours and the swell out in the Passage of Tiree. Thankful for ‘kent’ faces on the boat. Thankful to be back (just) in time to meet with out church family. Thankful to be back home.

Thanks to 'Sue" for this picture 'Hail-Drops'
Thanks to ‘Sue” for this picture of ‘Hail-Drops’

It has been a day of sharp contrasts. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the busy capital and returning to the relative peace and quiet of the island. Knowing the reassuring sound of the wind gusting around the house and An Talla – instead of the competing sounds of the big city: sirens, jets overhead, trains screeching round corners and the constant background noise. Leaving the sanctuary of the ferry for the piercing winds of the pier. Arriving in sunshine but then experiencing short, sharp hail storms*. Perhaps March will go out like ’a lamb’. Yes! Thankful the adventure we call ‘Life-On-Tiee’ continues. Thankful to God for calling us to live here and for all his goodness.

Leaving the cavernous belly of the MV Hebrides on foot
Leaving the cavernous belly of the MV Hebrides on foot

** Knowing we would be missing Tiree, we received the photograph of the “HAIL-DROPS” as an encouragement. Asking, “Are haildrops a sub-species of snowdrops by any chance?” we received the following reply – “Haildrops are the ONLY species on Tiree at the moment. We’re having really vicious squalls of it, leg-thru-jeans stinging species!”