I like to refer to this day of the week as ‘Sonday’, as it was on the first day of the week that Jesus came back to life, never, ever to die again. During the winter months here on Tiree, often on a Sonday we are fighting with the wind as we seek to make our way from the house to the car and from the car into An Talla, where we meet together to worship God.

The Land below the waves
The Land below the waves

This past week, we had no ferry from the Tuesday until today because of the strength of the wind and the resulting swell. This resulted in a backlog of traffic and as a consequence the ferry was fully booked, leaving some people in Oban disappointed. Due to the volume of traffic the ferry was 20 minutes late in leaving Oban and 40 minutes late leaving Tiree.

After last weeks’ grey skies, heaving wintry showers, and winds, it seemed strange to wake up to brightness and stillness. Blue skies were characteristic of the day, although there were a few short, sharp showers. At present much of the grazing land is under water, and that is very apparent on the area known as ‘The Reef’.


Although not as spectacular as some of the sunsets we have experienced, nevertheless it was good to see the sun slowly go down in the West. It is hard to take in that the forecast for tomorrow is for winds gusting to over 70mph. Weather Alerts have been winging our way and CalMac have announced the cancellation of Monday’s ferry.

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