What a Cracker!


Everyone is talking about it. It’s early March and 9 hours of coast to coast (or wall to wall) sunshine. “It’s always like this on Tiree” was the remark at the pier. This was said in view of the day that we had yesterday. The wind was gusting to 75mph for much of the day.

Scarinish Old Harbour
Scarinish Old Harbour

Roof tiles (or slates) were doing a merry dance. Homes on the island lost electricity – some for almost 24h hours and some for just a few. You had to be careful opening your car door. One way and it was almost impossible, the other it was almost wrenched out of your hand! The ferry was cancelled, but amazingly the plane managed to land

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The prophets of doom (the weather forecasters) predict gale force winds for the next two days. We shall wait and see.