Tiree: Haring About

Ears Erect and Ready to Run

This afternoon’s trip to Balephuil was in part to try and photograph’s the island’s famous hares. Balephuil proved successful last year so our wild life safari today. Although this is the month of the ‘Mad March Hare’, and we have seen several in recent days, we were at first disappointed.

Sun bathing can make you hungry.

Then, just as we started for home, we met up with some obliging hares, who were willing to pose long enough for the camera – before haring off at breakneck speed. Hares are plentiful and rabbits are a banned species. I think it would not be long before Tiree literally became ‘the land below the waves’ if rabbits made their home here.

DSCF0204These chaps just begged to be photographed and we obliged.