Pier View

Sunbathing at the Pier
Sunbathing at the Pier

You would imagine that the residents in ‘Pier View’ would have a clear view of the pier. In fact, few have any view of it. Both Glebe House and the Manse have a good view of it and even friends in Heylipol can see the MV Clansman at the pier. However the best view of the action is to be had at the pier and better still on the pier.

Due to the cancellation of the timetabled service on Thursday 12th March, an additional ferry was provided on Friday 13th. Blessed with a day of 9.9 hours of sunshine and with less than an hour to go until sunset, the MV Hebrides called at the pier.

Off into the Sunset

Today, with a south, south easterly wind blowing into Gott Bay and gusting to 33mph, the vessel berthed deploying its anchor. This is the second or third time the skipper has chosen to berth in this manner. Today, however, there appeared to be problems lifting the anchor. All part of the action.

At first I thought a mini-submarine went by our house, but closer inspection at the pier revealed it to be part of a wind turbine. Plane, mobile cinema, wind turbine – all travel by ferry.

Note: Pier View was previously known as ‘Tank Farm’. Not a farm growing tanks, but a farm of tanks for storing fuel for the RAF.