Soay Without Getting Your Feet Wet

Landfall on Soay

Our return to Tiree after a long weekend on the Mainland was accompanied by heavy rain. In the short walk from the pier to our home, we were soaked. However, since then we have enjoyed a prolonged spell of warm, sunny weather – 8 days in fact.

Looking out to sea
Looking out to sea

For various reasons we have been unable to make the most of the good weather, therefore this afternoon we make a conscious effort to get out and stretch our legs. Parking the car at the east end of Gott Bay we set out across the beach. Although the island of Sòthaigh (or Soay) has been on our list of things to do since moving to Tiree in August 2013, we had no plans to make the trip this afternoon.

Looking towards the Dutchman’s Cap and Mull

Making our way across the vast expanse of exposed sand, it became clear that it was indeed low tide. The decision was made, time permitting, we would attempt to cross over onto Soay. The air was warm and it appeared to be creating what they call on the East of Scotland ‘haar” and we could see it beginning to creep over the beach. We would have to be quick.

Cairn on Soay
Cairn on Soay

With gulls crying and swooping over head we made our brief visit to ‘Sheep Island’ (this is the meaning of it’s name) and appreciated the 360 degree panorama – Brock, Ruaig, the Dutchman’s Cap, Mull, Scarinish, Kirkapol and Gott Bay.

Looking back on Tiree

As we returned to Tiree the air was much cooler and the ‘haar’ was beginning to sweep inland. However, we had made the crossing and safely returned without getting our feet wet. The only problem was we lost the photographs from the camera and had to rely on those from our phone. Having made the trip once, we are looking forward to our next visit.

Soay, rocky with some grazing