On Your Marks on Tiree

They’re Off!

They day began with typical Tiree Sunshine, but by the start of the race the Tiree Breeze was making itself felt.

DSCF0752 (1)They arrived by the boat-load – And by plane!

Based on the Hebridean island of Tiree, Tree Fitness claims to bring ‘everything you need to enjoy being active in the unspoilt natural landscape of Tiree.’ All year round it offers services to visitors and local residents as well as promoting sport and physical activity in the local community.

On Your Marks - Go!
On Your Marks – Go!

Organised by Tiree Fitness today witnessed the Tiree 10k. Started in 2006 it has grown to be a much anticipated event on the island calendar. The Half Marathon was added in in 2013 and has proved to be a really popular event.

Chocolates and Charms Serves
Chocolates and Charms Serves

Will of Tiree Fitness and Becky of Chocolates and Charms make a great time and today they were supported by their many friends both in the main events and just as important in the kitchen.


Going for Gold!

Here is hoping there is still strength in these legs for the dance this evening.
Here’s hoping the tent doesn’t blow away tonight.
What about the ferry?
They’ll make up their mind at 10.00am whether we can stay an extra day.

It tastes as good as it looks
It tastes as good as it looks