An Evening of Rainbows

Clansman sails through the Rainbow
In from the Rainbow

Like so much of the month of May, today has been characterised by cold westerly winds originating in the north. At times there has been bright sunshine and at other times sharp, short rain shocks! This evening has been marked by bright rainbows, calling forth gasps of exclamation. As the ‘Mighty Clansman’ sailed into the Bay from Barra she entered through a majestic rainbow. Well laden she drew away from the pier and left through another rainbow arch as she headed for Coll and Oban.

Off through the Arch of the Rainbow
Off through the Arch of the Rainbow

 Are this evening’s rainbows a promise of a warm sunny June as the weather forecasters are suggesting. Who knows? I fear we may be disappointed! One thing is sure that God gave the boat builder Noah a rainbow as a sign that he keeps his promises. And God always keeps his word. You can be sure of it!

Off into the Rainbow
God Always Keeps His Promises