The Day of a Rare Visitor

On this summer’s day the sun has made a rare appearance. So occasional have these visits been of recent that people are asking what this strange phenomena in the sky could possibly be. Haar or sea mist has also been a feature this summer. There has been the occasional prolonged shower but grey skies have been […]

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Thankfully No Winter Storm

The month of June has put to rest the myth that it’s always sunny on Tiree. When visitors arrive you want the island to look its best. The Machair was something to behold but the weather was different. Not that it was raining all the time, most of the time it was just grey and […]

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The Voice

A Voice From Above I am standing on the pier as the MV Clansman berths. A voice calls out. “Is that my name I hear? – Yes! I am sure it is. I recognise the face.” But then doubts begin to creep in. “The guy above seems to know us,” some waiting passengers exclaim. The […]

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A Week of Sharp Contrasts

The week began with Tiree being the sunniest place in the UK for two days in a row. On Sunday we had 15.6 hours of sunshine and from then on it has been downhill all the way.  On Thursday the ferry calls at Tiree en route for Barra enabling visitors to take in the Tiree […]

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When East Looks West

It is very easy when you first arrive on Tiree to lose your bearings. The length of the island lies east – west and not as you tend to think north – south.  Although you are aware that Tiree is an island, there are occasions when it appears to be joined to one of its […]

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Experience Tiree

What a great day for the second tour of the season – warm and sunny. Advertised by CalMac as Experience Tiree, the tour begins at the Oban Ferry Terminal, when you board the Mighty Clansman bound for the beautiful Isle of Tiree. The 3 hour 45 minute cruise takes you past the Isle of Kerrera and […]

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A Treasure On Our Doorstep

Scarinish Point (Rubh An Sgoir Mhoir) is right on our doorstep and what treasure it is. With the afternoon sun having broken through the cloud cover we took a walk down the pier and returned home via Rubh An Sgoir Mhoir. Passing the Noust, the brand new boat house of the Tiree Maritime Trust, we gained […]

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A Vital Service

Opening the curtains this morning I was aware of two hares close to the house. Then there were the birds flying here and there getting breakfast for their young. Then this afternoon, not long after lunch, happening to glance seaward out of our window, I saw the outline of the Norther Lighthouse Vessel Pharos. Having […]

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Impressive at 123 Years of Age

Out in the passage of Tiree she looked impressive with her sails unfurled. A glance at ‘Marine Traffic’ revealed her to be “Leader’. In a former life she was one of the largest of the Brixham sailing trawlers, known, despite their Ketch rig, as the ‘Big Sloops’.  By the time she entered the waters of Gott […]

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