Where Time is hard to tell.

Swooping and Swirling

It’s hard to gauge the time when the sun rises at 4:40 and sets at 22:12. What makes it even more difficult is that it remains light long after the sun has set. So it feels perfectly normal to go for a walk, when in the winter you might be considering bed. In the winter you feel you want to draw the curtains long before 5:00pm, to shut out the darkness. However, on an evening like this, you feel that you want to make the most of the light.

On Arrival at the Pier
On Arrival at the Pier

I find it hard to resist the temptation to pick up the camera and head for the pier. So it was this evening, just before 10:00pm we made our way there. Our arrival was timely. The sun was about to drop below the horizon. Gulls were swooping and swirling overhead – the hope was that we might capture them on the camera.


The sight was a joy to behold and to remember.
And still the curtains are open – and it’s almost 11:00pm