The Voice

A Voice From Above
I am standing on the pier as the MV Clansman berths. A voice calls out.
“Is that my name I hear? – Yes! I am sure it is. I recognise the face.”
But then doubts begin to creep in.
“The guy above seems to know us,” some waiting passengers exclaim.
The voice calls out again.
“It is me he is calling.”
“I know who it is, but he doesn’t appear to be disembarking.”
I wave back with new found confidence.
I am reminded how as a young boy the Lord God spoke to Samuel.
At first he did not recognise the voice.
Finally the truth dawned on him.

So glad that I recognised the voice!
So glad that I recognised the voice!
God speaks today. It was his leading that brought us to Tiree.
We are so pleased that we recognised his prompting.
God can and does speak through his Word the Bible.
He wants each one of us to recognise his voice.
He cares for you.