The Day of a Rare Visitor

On this summer’s day the sun has made a rare appearance. So occasional have these visits been of recent that people are asking what this strange phenomena in the sky could possibly be.
Haar or sea mist has also been a feature this summer. There has been the occasional prolonged shower but grey skies have been dominant as is emphasised in this black and white photograph of the MV Clansman.

MV Clansman on a grey day
MV Clansman on a damp, grey day

Rain or shine it is good to belong to the island community of Tiree.

You too can have a haircut like this if you are not careful. Crossapol beach this afternoon

It was a real privilege today to be a guest at the Tiree High School Annual Awards Ceremony and to witness the dedication of the staff and the enthusiasm of the pupils.
This evening we are attending a ceilidh at Tigh-a-Rudha care home to celebrate the 80th Birthday of a special lady.
In between we took the opportunity to walk along Crossapol beach and it was a joy to see a well known face (to be more precise – 3 well known faces) a dad and his two sons playing on the sand.

Photo of the birthday cake arriving
The arrival of the cake adding a splash of colour to the celebration.

Just to complicate matters, in addition to the industrial action leading to no ferry today, we had a power cut just as we were about to go out to the ceilidh. Anyhow, you don’t need electric power for the box (accordion) or fiddle. Marvellous foot stomping music!

Taking time to reflect on God’s Great Goodness.