Gateway to Tiree

Tiree has its own Airport with improved daily links to Glasgow and flights to Oban on a Monday and a Wednesday. Apart from some of the mail and a limited number of passengers, everything else arrives and departs the island by ferry. Therefore ferry movements are of great interest to haulage contractors, visitors and residents. […]

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There is more to Tiree than Ferries, Spotty Houses and Machair. (Double click galleries for larger pictures) In a summer that feels more like October Turning a corner we were surprised by a splash of colour And a Flutter of Wings

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Gott Bay a Busy Bay

In the summer months those making their way to Tiree have the benefit of an afternoon crossing – 14:45 rather than 8:15 or even 5:45!  The Tuesday evening ferry is timetabled to arrive at 18:35 but was about 15 minutes late, no doubt due to the volume of traffic. The pier felt busy and not […]

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In the Light of Duty

Those who live on the Hebridean Islands off Scotland’s West Coast have a close connection with the sea. Consciously or unconsciously, we are dependent upon the work of the Northern Lighthouse Board whose principal concern is with safety – the safety of the mariner at sea and the safety of the people they employ in […]

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Show Time on Tiree

Hot on the heels of TMF is the Tiree Agricultural Show. It is one of the highlights in the Island’s Annual Calendar of Events and is held at the Rural Centre, Crossapol. It is billed as a show for exhibiting cattle, sheep, horses, poultry, pets, tractors and home industries. Once again it proved to be […]

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A Peaceful Pose

Life went on for us much the same during TMF (Tiree Music Festival). Thankful that we could just graze (nibble and gaze) away from all the excitement of the past 24 hours. There seemed a lot of coming and going – more cars and buses than normal, even for TMF. It was a bit of […]

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TMF An Album

For the duration of the Tiree Music Festival the island’s population soars from around 650 to more than 2000.  The church on Tiree is called to witness to its Lord and Master and it is a joy and a privilege to be invited to share in the festival. Our primary involvement was to be involved […]

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TMF – Two Mac Ferries

One almost hesitates to play around with the abbreviation TMF which officially stands for Tiree Music Festival.  On a previous posting it was suggested that TMF might stand for ‘Tents May Fly’  and in less than six hours tents were literally flying. For safety reasons the decision was made to evacuate all TMF campers. This dramatic event resulted in Tiree hitting the national […]

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The Still After The Storm

The storm which struck Tiree on Friday afternoon and evening resulting in the evacuation of the campers at Tiree Music Festival will be part of the folklore soon. Saturday and Sunday however were characterised by sunshine. Both evenings afforded wonderful views of the surrounding islands. Away from the crowds and bands at Crossapol, we took […]

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TMF and the Wild West

TMF stands for Tiree Music Festival but it could also stand for Tents May Fly. With the anticipated numbers attending the festival the MV Isle of Mull was due to replace the MV Clansman on today’s sailing as it can accommodate more foot passengers. However, due to the anticipated weather and sea conditions the “Mighty […]

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