An Artistic Touch

MV Clansman
MV Clansman

It was almost unbelievable!  No coat, no jacket, as we made our way down to the pier to say goodbye to a visitor. It was pleasantly warm and bright as the MV Clansman arrived in the bay and progressed towards the pier. In a very real sense the ferry appeared out of the heat haze (or mist) which shrouded the Passage of Tiree and lingered over Gott Bay. The haze gave photographs almost an artistic touch. In sharp contrast with just a few days ago, the sea is so calm. Sadly, as the day has gone on, although the heat has continued, it has become unpleasantly humid.  Wind Turbines have almost become becalmed and washing hangs limply from lines, so still is the air.

This is Life On Tiree

Looking across Gott Bay towards the Manse and Glebe House