The Big Blow

Tiree has something to blow about. One of the less well known features of the island’s landscape, or seascape, is the blowhole at Sandaig. To the best of my knowledge it is not listed on any of the Tourist Maps or Guide Books, but it ought to be! Previously featured in ‘Life On Tiree’ the invite or opportunity to witness this phenomenon is not to be turned down.


It is best viewed on day when there are wild Atlantic waves on an incoming tide and just before high tide. However, with the breeze coming from the south, the spray was blown away from the camera making it much easier and safer to capture the scene.

The Blowhole is the result of the incoming tide being forced at pressure through an underwater arch in the ancient rocks. When the water drains away, before the next big blow, it is just like listening to water being sucked down a plughole. A small and less dramatic example of the blow hole is to be found close to the shoreline just before the big daddy.

Just Watching!

Who knows it you stand on the headland you might just spot another spectator!