Fèis Thiriodh

This past week has been the 25th Anniversary of the The first Fèis Thiriodh which was established in 1990 ‘to foster and promote the language, culture and music of Tiree, making it as relevant as ever to the lifestyle of the present day in a way which draws people of all ages.’  For a week every July the Fèis is a festival of traditional culture. There are classes for young and old and the evenings are filled with dances and cèilidhs.

To mark the beginning of this year’s Fèis Thiriodh, the Baptist and Church of Scotland  held a joint all-age service celebrating and thanking God for his good gifts – gifts of the Gaelic music, culture and language which lie at the heart of the Fèis.

In addition to the daily classes, the week continued with the 25th Anniversary Ceilidh held in An Talla on the Monday evening. On the Tuesday evening Ian Smith gave a talk on the ‘History of Barley and Whisky Production in Tiree.’  Wednesday evening saw Eilidh MacFadyen and Band welcome children and adults to ‘the happiest dance of the week’.  There was great excitement on the pier for the Muse Cruise on Thursday – a six hour floating session aboard the MV Clansman as it sailed to Barra and back.

This evening, Trail West bring the celebration to a finale with a dance in An Talla.


Tutors were:
Andrew Findlater (Drumaichean |
Drums)Ian Smith (Bogsa | Accordion)
Alain Campbell (Giotàr | Guitar)
Scott Wood (A’ Phìob-Mhòr agus Feadan | Pipes and Chanter
Jamie MacDonald (Fìdheal | Fiddle)
Linda MacLeod (Seinn | Gaelic Singing)
Dr John Holliday (Duiseal agus Fìdeag | Flute and Whistle)
Eleanor Sinclair (Dannsa Gaidhealach | Highland Dancing)
Iain MacKinnon (Còmhradh | Gaelic Conversation)
John Angus MacKinnon (A’ Dèanamh Film | Film Making
Artair Donald (Drama | Drama)
Iona Brown (Fèis Bheag)
Eilidh MacFadyen (Fèis Bheag)
Tara Rankin (Fèis Bheag)