TMF – Two Mac Ferries

One almost hesitates to play around with the abbreviation TMF which officially stands for Tiree Music Festival.  On a previous posting it was suggested that TMF might stand for ‘Tents May Fly’  and in less than six hours tents were literally flying. For safety reasons the decision was made to evacuate all TMF campers. This dramatic event resulted in Tiree hitting the national news. So it is with a sense of trepidation that I suggest that TMF could also stand for ‘Two Mac Ferries’. Sufficient time has elapsed for them both to have safely berthed in Oban.

DSCF2521 (1)

With the end of the Tiree Musical Festival for 2015, and over 1,000 passengers, plus vehicles, leaving the island, the MV Clansman and the MV Isle of Mull saw service. Both vessels appeared in the Passage of Tiree together, with the Mighty Clansman calling first and the Isle of Mull coming in as the Clansman prepared to head back to sea. Foot passengers boarded both vessels via the start ramp and all the time the weather was closing in.

As usual the pier staff did a sterling job with great skill and courtesy.

TMF 2015 and the Two Mac Ferries

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