In the Light of Duty

Those who live on the Hebridean Islands off Scotland’s West Coast have a close connection with the sea. Consciously or unconsciously, we are dependent upon the work of the Northern Lighthouse Board whose principal concern is with safety – the safety of the mariner at sea and the safety of the people they employ in or around some of the world’s most dangerous coastlines.

Skerryvore, the multi-award winning folk-rock band, take their name from the Lighthouse of the same name. This is Scotland’s tallest lighthouse (156feet) and marks a very extensive and treacherous reef of rocks lying in the sea off the Hebrides some 10 or 11 miles south west of Tiree.

The Northern Lighthouse Board state that it was, “During routine operations at Skerryvore Lighthouse on 11 July, the Northern Lighthouse Board’s Multi Function Tender NLV PHAROS sustained minor damage causing water ingress which was been contained within a sealed empty void space in the bottom of the ship. No injuries were sustained by the crew and there were no risks to the environment.”

The vessel returned to her home port of Oban where a full investigation was carried out. As a result the NLV Pharos proceeded to Garvel, Greenock for a dry docking and repair where she is at present.

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