Going! Going! Gone!

Friday 14th August 2015 is the date fixed for the Annual sale of 5000 Cross bred lambs, an important date in the crofting and farming community on Tiree. Last year prices were good, but so far this year prices have been disappointing. Tomorrow will reveal whether Tiree can buck the trend.

Preparations are well under way. As we looked out the window this morning we could see the flock which grazes nearby being rounded up. The MV Clansman brought the first of the cattle trucks and tractors with their trailers. Tomorrow morning, the United Auctions staff will arrive by ferry along with the remainder of the cattle trucks.After the sale at Tiree’s Rural Centre, there will be an additional sailing (about 11.00pm) to take the livestock to the Mainland.

A historical video (2011) exists online of a sale at the Rural Centre.  Video

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