Light! Camera! Action!

Light! Camera! Action! – Part One

Originally conceived as a single post, such was thee action that it demanded two separate posts. The occasion was the Tiree Lamb Sale. The previous day was characterised by sunshine and warmth – well by this year’s standards. Any sunshine on sale day was like two bookends.

The island of Mull was hidden by the murk hanging over the isle and cascading down into the Passage of Tiree. At the appointed time the MV Clansman approached through the murk into the sunshine dancing  on the waters of Gott Bay. It was the dramatic effect of the light that was so significant. Such was the volume of traffic in both directions that the ferry departed Tiree 30 minutes late, bound first for Call and then onto Oban.

At the the end of the day the other bookend.  Light! Camera! – Awaiting the Midnight Hour for the action!