Lights! Camera! Action!

Lights! Camera! Action! – Part Two

“Is Dad going to see the Midnight Ferry?” was the text-message?
“Of course was the reply!”
It’s not every day that Tiree has more than two sailings.
How could I miss a midnight sailing?

Friday 14th August 2015 is the date fixed for the Annual sale of 5000 Cross bred lambs, an important date in the crofting and farming community on Tiree.

The Friday morning crossing leaves Oban at 5:45 (with a 45 minute check-in) and sails directly to Tiree arriving at 9:05. The special sailing left at 20:25 and berthed at Tiree at 23:40. There was plenty of action as those who came across for the sale (including the auctioneer) embarked. Commercial vehicles dominated the vehicular traffic in both directions – the departing floats resounding to loud bleats. After the midnight hour, at 00:11, the MV Clansman cast her ropes and headed back to Oban. It will be a quick turn around! On Saturdays the ferry leaves at 7:00 bound for Tiree.

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Waiting for the Gangway
MV Clansman’s cavernous car deck shrunk by the lens