Good Night Tiree

When you are looking forward to a visitor you want them to see Tiree at its best. It was literally a flying visit, 27 hours between their landing and take off.  Apart from a  dark menacing cloud and a brief shower on the Sunday morning, the sun shone for them.  After a beautiful afternoon and evening, Tiree was once again treated to another spectacular sunset.

Reflected Glory. Looking across to the Dutchman's Cap.
Reflected Glory. Looking across to the Dutchman’s Cap

This evening’s sunset will have to sustain us for a few days as we exchange all this for the hustle and bustle of the big city. The gain is we will see family – grandchildren included. At lunch a friend suggested that the next post might have to be ‘Life Off Tiree’. We shall see. For now we carry with us ‘Life On Tiree’ – not simply spectacular scenery and sunsets, but community and friendships.

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