When East Moved West

We have been living on Tiree just over two years and there are still places we have yet to explore. Almost every week we pass the end of the road, but it was not until this afternoon that we parked the car and walked the short distance up to the area known as ‘The Green’.

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According to a very helpful resource, Tiree Place Names, the area derived its name from the drying green for fishing lines. It was so named by the east coast fishermen who lived there at the end of the nineteenth century. Today there are only a few houses, although at one time there were 14 houses in ‘The Green’ occupied by fishermen and crofters.

Wow! Fresh Vegetables!

When the private road comes to an end, if you continue walking, passing through a gate, you come to a rocky headland. Today it was quite dramatic with several seabirds whirling overhead and swooping down through the rocky outcrops.

Returning to the gate we then made our way down to Traigh Chornaig (Cornaig Beach). It is a marvellous secluded beach, with stone circle and built in seating!

The Website Walk Highlands has details of an excellent short circular walk Traigh Chornaig from Loch Bhasapoll. On a good day you will have views towards the Outer Hebrides and the Small Isles.