Light! Camera! Action!

Light! Camera! Action! – Part One Originally conceived as a single post, such was thee action that it demanded two separate posts. The occasion was the Tiree Lamb Sale. The previous day was characterised by sunshine and warmth – well by this year’s standards. Any sunshine on sale day was like two bookends. The island of Mull was […]

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The Sunshine Cruise

Today the Isle of Tiree is Sun Kissed.  On a day in which the South of England experienced torrential downpours resulting in flooding and homes being struck by lightning, Tiree at last had warmth and sunshine. Today’s ‘Experience Tiree’ cruise might well have been titled ‘The Sunshine Cruise’ for both sky and sea were an […]

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Going! Going! Gone!

Friday 14th August 2015 is the date fixed for the Annual sale of 5000 Cross bred lambs, an important date in the crofting and farming community on Tiree. Last year prices were good, but so far this year prices have been disappointing. Tomorrow will reveal whether Tiree can buck the trend. Preparations are well under […]

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Another Milestone

On the 22nd of August, we reach another milestone – resident on Tiree for two years. On our fact finding expedition two months before our arrival we were asked if we had experienced a winter yet. A good question. This summer it has felt as if we have been on the island two years and […]

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Make Hay

Make hay while the sun shines. Very difficult for there has been very little growth due to the lack of warmth in the air and very little sunshine either so it could be a very hard winter for many of the island’s crofters. With the sun out today it was take photographs while you can. Having […]

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When Time is Money

Partly because we do not have planes landing every two minutes at Tiree airport and partly because any transatlantic flights are generally flying about 35,000 feet, we are unused to regular aircraft noise. First of all we heard the sound of a rotor blade, then the helicopter came into view as it swooped towards the […]

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Prompted To Ask

The morning began by considering what are perhaps some of the most fundamental questions in life. Having previously watched an edition of ‘Long Lost Family’ I was  prompted to ask, “Who am I?” “What or Who created me?” “Where have I come from?” Right at the beginning of the Bible, we read . . .
God created […]

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