A Harrowing Tale . . .

They arrived almost together for their tryst, but they parted separately. As the ‘Princess’ crept away the Haar slowly enveloped her. The Clansman had no time to stay around waiting. The sun continues to beat down! This is Tiree! Bells ring. Ropes are thrown. She backs away. Quietly the (Hebridean) princess slips away The cows keep […]

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The Clansman and The Princess

A Perfect Match. This is not the latest novel by a Hebridean Publishing House. It was a royal reunion in Gott Bat, Isle of Tiree. What a glorious morning for the occasion. In galleries double click for larger pictures Mouse-over for titles. The Clansman keeps the Princess waiting! The Mighty Clansman and the Hebridean Princess […]

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With the sun setting in the west the ‘Mighty One’ changed her bearing and turned from the Passage of Tiree and majestically made her way into Gott Bay. Bathed in the glow of the setting sun Scarinish Pier awaits the arrival In order to berth stern first the MV Clansman must turn through at least […]

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Encore With A Twist . . .

As the ‘Mighty Clansman’ entered Gott Bay the Skipper must surely have been wearing ‘his shades’. As the vessel made her way to the pier she was sailing into the setting sun and what a cracker it was. It was like an encore. Could last evening’s be repeated? No! This evening’s sunset had a subtle […]

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Tiree Wave Classic

The Weather for the Tiree Wave Classic held in October is often benign and the weather this week has been most reminiscent of that event. Sunsets have been spectacular and today has been warm and calm. It is as if summer has finally arrived. Knowing that I would be in Scarinish last evening, Sharon Graham […]

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Hebridean Sunset

Today has been another sunny Autumn day. This evening’s sunset was breath taking. Starting at the Pier, Gott Bay. We move up Pier Road. With views towards Ben Hough. We then move down to the harbour, Scarinish. Mouseover for titles Double click for larger pictures    

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#SuperBloodMoon . . .

Concerns about possible cloud cover at the time of the Eclipse of the Super-Moon over Tiree were groundless. From the comfort of our living room this rare phenomenon was clearly visible, although to photograph you had to leave the warmth and face the chilly wind. The supermoon at first lit up the night sky but gradually the […]

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As Brilliant as the Sunrise

This morning Tiree was presented with a colourful sunrise. The hours of daylight may be shortening but it does mean that you don’t have to rise in the wee sma’ hours to catch the sunrise. This is especially important if, clear skies permitting, we want to see the red supermoon in the early hours of tomorrow […]

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