#SuperBloodMoon . . .

Concerns about possible cloud cover at the time of the Eclipse of the Super-Moon over Tiree were groundless. From the comfort of our living room this rare phenomenon was clearly visible, although to photograph you had to leave the warmth and face the chilly wind. The supermoon at first lit up the night sky but gradually the heavens became darker and darker as the eclipse became more marked. Before the full eclipse the sky itself took on a red tinge. (Or was that just imagination?)

Eclipse with Blood Red Moon

Then about 3:12 the SuperBloodMoon was there.
Tiree’s dark sky was a sight to behold!
It was magnificent.

There was one source of light pollution which shall remain nameless.

Yet, nothing could detract from the countless stars, supermoon and blood red eclipse.

Super Blood Moon
Super Blood Moon

An event clearly visible to the naked eye.
Captured somewhat on a very ordinary camera.