#SuperBloodMoon . . .

Concerns about possible cloud cover at the time of the Eclipse of the Super-Moon over Tiree were groundless. From the comfort of our living room this rare phenomenon was clearly visible, although to photograph you had to leave the warmth and face the chilly wind. The supermoon at first lit up the night sky but gradually the […]

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As Brilliant as the Sunrise

This morning Tiree was presented with a colourful sunrise. The hours of daylight may be shortening but it does mean that you don’t have to rise in the wee sma’ hours to catch the sunrise. This is especially important if, clear skies permitting, we want to see the red supermoon in the early hours of tomorrow […]

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Tiree’s Ever Changing Sky

An Turas provides not only a window on Gott Bay and beyond, but also a window on Tiree’s Ever Changing Sky. The island has wide horizons and big skies, where as An Turas, being long and narrow and open for most of its length skywards, affords a window or snapshot of the heavens above. An […]

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Soak A Teacher

The Tiree High School Gala Day is always a date to have in your diary and this year was no different. As a fund raising event it is normally highly successful and for a fun event it gets top marks. One of the highlights of the afternoon is “Soak A Teacher”.  Standing around without a […]

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Ferry Hopeful

Today, Tuesday 22nd September, Mr Mackay the Minister for Transport and Islands said, “I know how important our ferry services are to the communities of the Clyde and Hebrides and the vital role they play in enabling continued and sustainable economic growth for the Islands. Since taking up my post I have spoken to stakeholders throughout the […]

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Twilight On Tiree

An Autumnal Special Summer in Scotland may have been a disappointment, but Autumn has brought with it more settled weather. Today, once again,, rainbows have graced the sky and this evening twilight was a feast for the eyes. (mouse-over for titles and double-click for a slideshow of larger pictures) A spectacular palette of colours has been accompanied […]

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