The Journey

It’s an exciting, stimulating, challenging and encouraging two days with ‘followers of Jesus’ from all around Scotland and beyond. The evening celebration is the climax of the time spent together in the Civic Centre in Motherwell. With goodbyes said we take the time to enjoy chat over a cuppa and chips with some friends. Then […]

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Autumn Cruise

After the stormy weather of the past two days, we could never have anticipated the calm crossing we experienced today. With no ferry for the past two days, we left Tiree at least 20 minutes late due to the volume of traffic. The sun was shining and it was like a summer’s day. As we […]

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High Water

With the clocks no longer on British Summer Time, daylight hours are markedly shorter, especially in the afternoon. As darkness began to set, we took the opportunity to see the effect the strong wind was having on the waves at high tide. With the wind coming from a southerly direction the swell was driving up the […]

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Adverse Weather

Living on a Hebridean Island off the West Coast of Scotland the phrase “adverse weather’ has threatening connotations. The ferry may be may be liable to disruption, delay or cancellation. With only one sailing a day scheduled in the summer timetable, and five sailings a week in the winter timetable, the ferry service is vital. […]

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What Do You See?

Walking by ‘The Green’ the question arises’ “What’s that in the sky?” Driving by Sandaig the questions arises again, “What’s that in the sky?” Could this be  a flying haggis or a flying pig?

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Come Walk With Me

By The Green It is a late October and late in the afternoon. It has been a day of sunshine and sharp, short hail showers. As we park the car the wind is raw and it cuts right through you. Rainbows are transient, one minute you see them, the next and they are gone. With […]

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Weather Eye

The weather on the Isle of Tiree has abruptly changed over the last week. Warm sunny days have been replaced by grey skies and stormy conditions. Calm blue seas have turned leaden, with wild waves crested by white horses. At the pier this means heavier, thicker ropes are deployed. No longer can we assume that the timetabled […]

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Swell Tiree

Due to swell conditions the 15:15 sailing from Castlebay to Oban was delayed and the consequence of this decision is that this evening’s sailing from Tiree to Coll and is cancelled. Although the above view of the pier is bright and sunny there was a considerable swell running. For most of the previous evening and overnight the wind was gusting up […]

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CalMac have announced  that due to ongoing swell conditions the 15:15 sailing from Castlebay to Oban will be delayed. The consequence of this decision is that this evening’s sailing from Tiree to Coll and Oban has been cancelled. With the change to the Winter timetable from Monday 26th October, last Thursday’s sailing from Oban to Coll, […]

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Seasonal Cancellation

CalMac have announced that Thursday’s (22:10:15) 08:15 sailing from Oban to Coll/Tiree/Barra has been cancelled due to high winds. The service status holds out the hope that weather permitting the service will resume from Castlebay at 15:15 to Oban via Tiree and Coll.  The recent spell of unseasonal calm, sunny, warm weather has finally given way to […]

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