Full of Promise . . .

This morning’ sunrise was full of promise!  But of what?
Yesterday (Saturday) afternoon was warm and sunny.
Reminder to self, ‘forecasts are only that – forecasts’.
The weather was much better that anticipated.
There was a sunset.
But not of the same colourful calibre as the previous days.

Saturday's sunset looking towards Ben Gott
Saturday’s sunset looking towards Ben Gott

Today the sunrise was full of promise. It was followed by bright blue skies and calm water, but by the time we left An Talla, just after 1:00pm, the wind was rising, white horses were filling Hynish Bay, and the sky was taking on a slate grey hue. It seemed as if a storm could break any moment. Although the wind has continued to rise, the threatened storm has not materialised. Yet!

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With friends flying back to Tiree tomorrow we hope the forecasters have got it right. We want the plane to be able to land and take off for another reason. We are intending flying to Glasgow ourselves in order to meet up with family for a very special occasion.