Plane or Ferry

Unlike the Mainland, where you can leave your home and head off to a nearby town or city as you wish, if you are travelling from Tiree you have to plan your trip and leave by ferry or plane. Thankfully there are now two planes a day Monday to Friday and one plane on both Saturday and Sunday. The summer timetable provides for one ferry each day, and the winter timetable provides for five sailings each week – weather permitting.

In order to catch a train south from Glasgow, we had to take the plane from Tiree. Thankfully we had allowed for the possibility of the plane being late. Due to the late arrival of the inbound flight we were delayed by about ninety minutes. A friend travelling to Tiree phoned to advise of the delay. Having checked in and our luggage scanned, we went for tea and cake to another friend’s house; arriving back in plenty of time for our flight. How pleasantly different from life on the Mainland. It is so much more personal.

Tiree from the plane
Tiree from the plane

This morning we were treated to another stunning sunrise. Stepping outside to photograph it, you could hear the waves breaking on the nearby shore. However, by the time the tiny twin otter plane took off, the fine Autumn weather had finally broken.

Such memories will have to suffice for the next few days, but it will be a joy to spend time with our family.