Weather Eye

The weather on the Isle of Tiree has abruptly changed over the last week. Warm sunny days have been replaced by grey skies and stormy conditions. Calm blue seas have turned leaden, with wild waves crested by white horses. At the pier this means heavier, thicker ropes are deployed.

MV Clansman at Tiree
The MV Clansman on a stormy Autumn morning.

No longer can we assume that the timetabled crossings will actually happen. With only five crossings in a week the ferry provides a ‘lifeline service’ to the Mainland. Now we almost automatically consult the weather forecast and watch out for alerts from CalMac on the service status for our ferry. These alerts are available on-line or as a free service direct to your mobile phone.

“Will the ferry on ‘Amber Alert’ set out, turn back or safely berth?”
“Will the shops be re-stocked with bread and milk?”
“Will the plane land bringing with it passengers mail and newspapers?”
This is ‘Life-on-Tiree’

MV Clansman cautiously berths – here alongside the head of the pier.

Yesterday’s ferry was cancelled. Today’s crossing was rough. While the skipper and crew cautiously approached, those working on the pier had to contend with winds gusting to 39mph. Foot passengers had to use the vehicle link-span to disembark and embark as there was no gangway due to the strength of the wind and tidal conditions.

Today was another reminder that we owe those working on the pier our gratitude and respect.

With no sailing yesterday there was a high volume of traffic leading to a slight delay.

MV Clansman safely berthed once again
MV Clansman safely berthed once again

Will our visitor get off on Monday?
Will we be able to travel to the Mainland on Tuesday?