High Water

With the clocks no longer on British Summer Time, daylight hours are markedly shorter, especially in the afternoon. As darkness began to set, we took the opportunity to see the effect the strong wind was having on the waves at high tide. With the wind coming from a southerly direction the swell was driving up the Passage of Tiree and crashing on our shores. Although not the strongest winds we have experienced, nor the deepest swell we have known, the effect was dramatic.

First of all, a visit to the Pier at Scarinish
Followed by a stop at the Old Harbour, Scarinish.
View the full effect by double-clicking for larger pictures.

 Then on to Crossapol Beach
where the crashing waves reached the dunes
and some wet suited adventurers did battle with the waves.

Doing battle with the wild surf
Doing battle with the wild surf

Next stop Hynish Bay and Stevenson’s Pier

Finally, a visit to West Hynish
to fill the memory store of our guest
but by now it was too dark to successfully photograph
so a parting photograph of the waves crashing on the rocks at Hynish

Waves crashing at Hynish Pier
Waves crashing at Hynish Pier