A Touch of Silver

This morning, with one of our sons enjoying a visit to the island, we took the opportunity to park the car close to Silversands, Gott Bay, and walk towards Soa. Although we managed to cross on to Carsamull, tidal conditions were such that we could not cross on to Soa. Here we took the opportunity […]

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– Summer in October –

Daylight hours may be shorter, with sunrise at 8:03 and sunset at 18:21, but there is still warmth in the air. The common comment is that we had no Summer to speak of, but we have had a great Autumn.  Little wonder today’s sailing to Oban had the air of a cruise with many passengers […]

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Meet The Neighbours

Flock and Herd On a recent visit to family in London, we came across a butcher’s shop aptly named ‘Flock and Herd’ in Bellenden Rd, South East London. It was a reminder that on Tiree we are very familiar with the other end of the food chain. It has come to that time of the […]

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– Technicolour Tiree –

Today has been a reminder that right on your doorstep are sights to behold. From early morning to the setting sun colour has characterised ‘Life on Tiree’. From our south facing windows we looked out on the Paps of Jura While a short walk to the pier barely an hour after sunrise was stunning. This […]

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Tiree’s Dramatic Sky

’The sky is the limit’, ‘Blue sky thinking’ and ‘Pie in the sky” are just a few examples of how the sky that surrounds us figures in every day speech.  Less clouds feel missed out, we are informed that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. (Mouseover for captions and double click for larger pictures) The […]

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Welcome Home

The streets of Oban are dark as we make our way along the front to the Ferry Terminal. The clock at the Railway Square reveals it is 4:50am, no wonder few people are out and about. However, the lights are on at the Terminal Buildings and the MV Clansman is showing signs of life. It […]

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Homeward Bound

Having spent just over a week away from our island home, our return journey began with a berth on the Caledonian Sleeper which crosses the borders about 5:30am and arrives in Glasgow Central Station at 7:20am. After a hearty helping of porridge we keep an appointment in Glasgow, before making our way to the Buchanan […]

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Plane or Ferry

Unlike the Mainland, where you can leave your home and head off to a nearby town or city as you wish, if you are travelling from Tiree you have to plan your trip and leave by ferry or plane. Thankfully there are now two planes a day Monday to Friday and one plane on both […]

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Full of Promise . . .

This morning’ sunrise was full of promise!  But of what? Yesterday (Saturday) afternoon was warm and sunny. Reminder to self, ‘forecasts are only that – forecasts’. The weather was much better that anticipated. There was a sunset. But not of the same colourful calibre as the previous days. Today the sunrise was full of promise. […]

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Season of Mists

“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun” How apt are the word’s of Keats written most likely in September 1819. Here on Tiree as the sun has dropped the mist has drifted across the island. Indeed one day even at 1:30 in the afternoon the mist began to envelope Gott […]

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