Land, Sea and Sky

The last day of November 2015 has been marked by dramatic views of land sea and sky. With daylight hours greatly shortened and heavy cloud cover at times, light levels have been low. If out walking, you had to do your best to avoid the short, sharp, shocks of the intermittent hail showers. Views across the […]

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Welcome To Baugh

Today, Sunday 29th November 2015 was the first service to be held in the newly refurbished church premises at Baugh. This was not the official opening, the plan is to have a series of events to be held towards the end of January. This morning was one of the monthly ‘All Age Services’ and there was great excitement for […]

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A Real Airport

Leaving An Talla, Tiree’s Community Hall, the sky is ominous. Within seconds there is a powerful hail storm. The day is continuing as it began, Coming to the Reef we make an about turn. There are two planes at the airport. Two Fly-Be planes. Big Ones. The sky remains dark and threatening. But there is […]

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Waiting For The Big Man

It is a dark, dreich day! Squally showers laden with hail pepper the island. Only occasionally does a rather weak sun make an appearance. But there is no dulling of the spirits at An Talla, our community hall. Apparently the Big Man is making appearance – Santa Claus himself. He has a impressive new grotto. Lovingly […]

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The Big Question

“Did the boat get in?” The Clansman left Oban on time, she did not make her first call at Coll, but did she manage to berth at Tiree? One passenger sent a message from on board: “Words directly from The Clansman! It’s a bit bouncy and there’s loads of spray.” “Well! Did the boat get in?” […]

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Wild Weekend

Already there is an AMBER Alert for Saturday’s crossing from Oban to Coll and Tiree.  CalMac advise that due to the adverse weather forecast the service between Oban – Coll/Tiree is liable to disruption. It is likely there will only be one stop at Coll. With the winds predicted to rise and be above 50mph […]

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The Suspense Continues

The Mystery may be solved but the suspense continues. She first mysteriously appeared out of the mist early on Wednesday morning, only to be enveloped by mystery once again as the mist closed over. The vessel was confirmed by her markings as the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Vessel A390 – Wave Ruler. The following day, shrouded by […]

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A Fleeting Glimpse

After Sunday’s Spectacular Sunshine the sky has taken on a grey complexion. Yet for a brief moment or so we were afforded a break in the clouds and the sun broke through the grey November skies. With high winds and cloudy skies forecast for the coming days it was great to have this fleeting glimpse. […]

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Curiosity Awakened

Pulling back the curtains this morning curiosity was awakened. In the semi-darkness a vessel was clearly visible along with one or two small local fishing boats. A moment or two later a squall hid the mystery vessel from sight. What could this be? It clearly wasn’t a vessel belonging to the Northern Lighthouse Board. Both […]

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“Chust Sublime!”

 When a friend shared some photographs with the caption ‘Chust Sublime!’ I was reminded of a previous post. The expression was made famous by the legendary, but fictional, skipper of the ‘Vital Spark’ Para Handy.  How apt “Chust Sublime” is for the day we have enjoyed today. At breakfast we marvelled at our view of the […]

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