Amazing Artistry

A few days ago on the Mainland, it was a great encouragement to join with hundreds in praise of God and at the same time to be reminded of his compassion for the poor, the vulnerable and the refugee. However, it was good to be back home on Tiree today and to join with others in enjoying God together, ever mindful of his love and compassion.

Ben More (Mull)
Ben More (Mull)

As the sun was setting in the western sky, we took a walk close to home. It appeared that the glow of the setting sun encompassed the island. Wherever we looked, north, south, east and west, the sky had taken on an amazing hue.

The Setting Sun
The Setting Sun

I was reminded of words that I had so recently sung with hundreds of others.
Words written by Paul Baloche and Graham Kendrick.

When I see the beauty
Of the sunset’s glory
Amazing artistry
Across the evening sky
When I feel the mystery
Of a distant galaxy
It awes and humbles me
To be loved by a God so high

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Then with darkness came a sky with star after star.
And the Moon.

The Moon
A Moon with the Wow factor