In Appreciation

As a consequence of the recent adverse weather vessels were out of place today and this resulted in the MV Clansman operating to a Revised Timetable.  Instead of arriving at 11:00 the vessel did not berth until 17:19 in the winter hours of darkness. With no vessel yesterday due to wind and wave conditions and no ferry timetabled on a Wednesday the Clansman was indeed a welcome sight.

Whether or not it has anything to do with forthcoming tendering for the Clyde and Hebridean Ferry services, CalMac have to be congratulated in the service they have provided so far this winter. Rather than just cancelling the ferry, ferries have been rescheduled to make the most of weather windows and in some instances an additional ferry has been provided on a day when none was timetabled.

The workers at both the pier and the airport have to be flexible in the hours they work and are much appreciated on the island. It is in no way reflecting on those who work at the airport, but of recent the Loganair service has been less than reliable. The new timetable with two flights each day is most welcome but flights are being delayed and cancelled and it is not all down to the weather. It would appear to be in part down to a shortage of engineers. Here’s hoping then that Saturday’s flights are not cancelled. It will not be just no mail, but no returning from the Mainland that day.
Thanks too for the evening photo opportunity!