“Chust Sublime!”

 When a friend shared some photographs with the caption ‘Chust Sublime!’ I was reminded of a previous post. The expression was made famous by the legendary, but fictional, skipper of the ‘Vital Spark’ Para Handy.  How apt “Chust Sublime” is for the day we have enjoyed today.

At breakfast we marvelled at our view of the sunrise and the Paps of Jura.
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At An Talla, before and after the gathering of the church,
we stopped and wondered first of all at the view
of Mull’s snow capped Ben More.

Was that Ben Nevis we could see to the North
as we looked at snow capped peaks in the distance?

Hynish and Ben Hough also looked amazing in the November sunshine.

Ben Hough
Ben Hough from An Talla

The views we enjoyed from Heylipol
included the Moon over Ben More,
the Paps of Jura (which appeared so close)
Ben Hynish and the setting sun in the West.

Then the icing on the cake a walk along Balinoe Beach:
the reflected glow of the setting sun,
the moon shining on the sea,
the rose coloured snow on the peak of Ben More,

As we walked along the beach the seals kept a watchful eye on us.
No wonder they had their fur coats on
for with the sun having set it was brrr!

As we looked out over the calm waters
it was hard to think
that tomorrow’s ferry was cancelled
because of adverse weather.

How rapidly conditions can change in the Hebrides.

With darkness the moon lit up the sky and the sea.
DSCF5618How could we be disappointed
at not being able to attend the firework display?
After all today from morning to night was ‘Chust Sublime’!