The Suspense Continues

DSCF5651 (1)
RFA Wave Ruler A390

The Mystery may be solved but the suspense continues. She first mysteriously appeared out of the mist early on Wednesday morning, only to be enveloped by mystery once again as the mist closed over. The vessel was confirmed by her markings as the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Vessel A390 – Wave Ruler.

RFA Wave Ruler A390
RFA Wave Ruler A390 reappears late Friday afternoon

The following day, shrouded by mist and mystery she slipped anchor and disappeared into the Passage of Tiree. Unable to track the vessel with AIS, we have no way of knowing where she went or her mission. Various conspiracy theories have been aired both locally and on Facebook, some accompanied by puns about Russia and Rushing to Conclusions.

RFA Wave Ruler A390
RFA Wave Ruler A390 as seen on Friday from the Scarinish Headland

On Friday evening RFA Wave Ruler A390 reappeared
steaming towards Tiree under the cover of the gathering dusk.
One can only wonder,
“Is Tiree and her communications still under threat?”

Scarinish Lighthouse and Communications Mast – Well Protected

We may be in for some wild weather over the weekend.
Is the Mighty Clansman under threat as some have suggested?
Wave Ruler A390 is present.