A Real Airport

Leaving An Talla, Tiree’s Community Hall, the sky is ominous.
Within seconds there is a powerful hail storm.
The day is continuing as it began,

The Golf Ball at Ben Hynish
The Golf Ball at Ben Hynish

Coming to the Reef we make an about turn.
There are two planes at the airport.
Two Fly-Be planes.
Big Ones.

Two planes at the Airport
Two planes at the Airport

The sky remains dark and threatening.
But there is work going on at one of the planes.
It is not the work that is strange.
It is the fact we have two large planes.
We are getting more like the big airports.

The Airport, arrivals and departures and control tower

Fly-Be are certainly having their difficulties.
And this is surely one or perhaps two of them.

Then just to add to the atmosphere it grows darker.
Then at once the hail strikes.

Hail storm
Hail storm

What a day!
Thunder Clumps.
Occasional dry spells.
Fleeting glimpses of a wintry sun.
And hail that blasts the island

A glimpse of the sun seconds before the next squall.

This is Life on Tiree.