Waiting For The Big Man

It is a dark, dreich day!
Squally showers laden with hail pepper the island.
Only occasionally does a rather weak sun make an appearance.
But there is no dulling of the spirits at An Talla, our community hall.
Apparently the Big Man is making appearance – Santa Claus himself.

Standing in until the Big Man arrives.
Standing in until the Big Man arrives.

He has a impressive new grotto.
Lovingly created by the members of the Tapestry Group.
They lost count of the number of hours put into its creation.
But there is no sign of the Big Man.
So someone stands in!

Tiree Tots Stall with an impressive display

Its the Tiree Craft Fayre
organised by the Parties Committee
and what an attraction the afternoon proves to be.
To appreciate the work double click for larger pictures.

The grotto awaits
but where is the Big Man
where is the star of the show?

A Panoramic View of Santa's Grotto
A Panoramic View of Santa’s Grotto

The chair remains empty.
But wait here is the man himself.


What a busy time of the year.
Roll on the 25th!