Breath Taking

She did it!
The MV Clansman certainly deserves her appellative “The Mighty One”.

The MV Clansman
The MV Clansman

With adverse weather forecast she was operating to a revised timetable.
She left the Ferry Terminal at Oban at 5:45  (1 hour and 30 minutes early).
After safely berthing at Coll she set to sea bound for Gott Bay, Tiree.

MV Clansman
The MV Clansman turning through 180 degrees to approach the pier

Driving rain and low visibility
High tide with waves breaking over the pier.
Wind Speed gusting over 46mph from the SSE
Conditions were atrocious!
What a day not to bring the camera!
And to rely on a mobile phone camera.

MV Clansman
Waves running the length of the pier as the vessel attempts to hove to.

The MV Clansman appeared out of the murk that was the Passage of Tiree.
In order to berth the vessel has to turn 180 degrees or more.
With thick black smoke appearing from the funnel
it looked as if berthing ws being aborted.

She headed across the head of the pier.
She then hove to before dropping her anchor.
She then proceeded to come in stern first around the head of the pier.

Ropes were cast and the vessel safely held fast.
Quickly and safely were key words for all vehicle movements
The Skipper (Clark), the crew and the pier staff did a magnificent job.

The MV Clansman heads to sea.
The MV Clansman heads back out to sea.

“The Mighty Clansman”
More than a name!
A Badge of Honour.