A Shepherd’s Warning

Sunrise today on Tiree was at 8:40 and with the sunrise came a ‘shepherd’s warning’ of stormy weather to come. There was but a fleeting glimpse of the sun before the clouds hid it completely from view. The sky is now dark grey, the rain is pouring and the wind is gusting to over 40mph.  As yet the storm that is sweeping in has not been named but the forecast is for south westerly winds in excess of 70 mph by 4 o’clock this afternoon. Hopefully the storm will have blown itself out by the early hours of tomorrow morning.

With no ferry timetabled for a Friday, here’s hoping that wind and waves have abaited sufficently by tomorrow to enable the ferry to make the crossing. As yet today’s morning flight has not yet arrived and this evening’s flight is looking doubtful for the diminutive ‘Twin otter” aircraft.

Who would have thought that within minutes the sun would have disappeared from view?

Although the sky is grey, there is a real sense of drama with the wind gusting round the house. You just have to think safety when out and about. This is ‘Life On Tiree’.