Three Ds

Speak of storm ‘Desmond’ and two other words spring to mind – deluge and destruction. Thankfully, although we have had our share of wind, we have been spared the destructive deluge experienced by others on the Mainland. In some places, the island may look more water than land, but there has been no loss of life or of property.

Photograph of Monday's hint at a sunrise
Monday’s hint of sunrise.

Skies for days have been slate grey, but on Monday, there was literally a momentary glimpse of the sun coming up. However, blink and it was gone. This morning, Tuesday, things looked more hopeful, the sunrise was clearly visible and for a short time we had blue sky. However, once again the sky has turned grey and with it has come more rain.

The high winds, some what abated, are persisting and are forecast to rise again tomorrow – gusting to over 60 or 70mph. The sea conditions have led to the cancellation of the ferry service. The last ferry to sail was on Sunday (6th December). The next timetable sailing is on Thursday, but CalMac advise that this service may also be liable to disruption or delay.

Swell Conditions

This morning’s plane arrived and departed more or less on time. Those booked on this evening’s flight are hoping that they will be able to get away safely. Of recent most evening flights have been cancelled because of cross winds.

Scarinish Harbour entrance

Conversation around the island has invariably been one of heartfelt concern for those who have suffered as a result of Desmond’s Destructive Deluge. In the island community, there is a genuine care for one another. Car drivers still wave (as when we first came to Tiree) and more often than not they stop and offer a lift. This is ‘Life on Tiree’.