Hail The Clansman

With friends leaving the island on the Thursday ferry, and no boat since Sunday, a visit to the pier was a must. As the vessel came into sight, to our surprise the outline was that of the ‘Clansman’ and not that of the ‘Lord of the Isles’ – the latter being the ferry normally rostered for the Thursday Winter sailing.  The Passage of Tiree, the sea that separates Tiree from the Island of Mull, was a mass of ‘White Horses’. Even after turning into Gott bay the waves were cascading over the bow of the Clansman’.

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In the slightly calmer waters of the bay, the wind was still problematic. Gusting between 40 to 53mph from the South West, the wind caught the vessel as they attempted to throw the bow ropes at the head of the pier – even with the MV Clansman’s powerful thrusters. However, eventually the ropes were secured and the ramp lowered.

Those handling the heavy, cold, wet ropes had to contend additionally wth a squally hail storm. Skippers, crew and pier staff all deserve recognition and thanks.

A parting wave as we contend with the hailstorm

Thankfully the weather forecast for Saturday,
the next timetabled sailing,
is looking more promising.

The Clasnman leaves in the midst of a hail storm

Note to self: Remember to dry the camera!