Today’s Winter Palette

For the first time in days, we caught a glimpse of the Paps of Jura from our south facing windows. They appeared on the horizon just after we had a hint of sunrise. Instead of leaden skies throughout the hours of daylight, there were moments when when the sun made a brief appearance. However, dark clouds were the bearers of sharp, short hail squalls. Today’s palette had some colour, not the vibrant colours of the summer, but the more subdued colours of winter.

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With a wintry blue sky overhead we set out walking to the Post Office. Gratefully, we arrived without getting soaked. We were no sooner safely inside that a sudden hail squall struck.  Walking down to the old harbour there was little doubt as to the nature of the squall that just passed – hail was lying all around – adding another touch to the winter palette.

It is interesting to compare the vibrant colours of summer with yesterday’s rather dull palette.

Then, there it was an added touch of blue and white in the sky as the diminutive twin otter plane made its approach to Tiree’s airport.

There is so much to give thanks for here on the Isle of Tiree.
This is ‘Life on Tiree’.