Hark the Herald

It’s one of these times of the year when the normal daily markers are absent and you are left wondering what day of the week it is. Christmas Day and Boxing Day have come and gone and the Boxing Day Bank holiday is yet to be. Yes! This is Sunday, but then Christmas Day had that same exciting feeling.

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Sunrise this morning was a herald of the sunny day that lay ahead. As the sun began to rise we were afforded magnificent views towards the Paps of Jura, but by the time we set out to meet with the Church at AnTalla the sun had hidden the Paps from view.

The sun and the moon
The Sun and Moon – A Panoramic view of the early morning sky

With the turkey and the Christmas Pudding finished, we drove to Balephuil for a walk along our son’s favourite beach. Walking across the Machair our eyes were drawn towards Skerryvore lighthouse sitting solitary in the Atlantic Ocean. With the sun setting both sand and sky were like an artist’s palette.

Skerryvore Lighthouse
Walking across the Machair we see solitary Skerryvore

Where this morning was tranquil, now the wind is making its presence felt. Already tomorrow’s ferry has been cancelled and Tuesday’s is looking very doubtful. Those who caught the ferry today made a wise decision. Surely it can’t be ‘Frank’ knocking on the door and rattling on the windows?

This is ‘Life on Tiree’

Skerryvore Lighthouse – Solitary Guardian – 11 miles distant