An Evening for a Good Read

Right now the wind is steadily rising
as the latest storm to reach these shores approaches.
Gusting in excess of 45mph,
it is forecast to reach speeds of over 70mph in a few hours time.

Yet this morning
the sun was streaming through the clouds,
lighting up the sea, the shore and the south east facing houses.

The Sun's path opposite An Talla, Crossapol
The Sun’s path opposite An Talla, Crossapol

In the lull before the storm we took the opportunity to dine out at the Cobbled Cow before visiting the ‘Sales’ at Chocolates and Charms. Although both venues were busy, thankfully we did not have to content with the crowds thronging the shops on the Mainland.

With the wind roaring outside, it is an evening to get one’s nose into a good book. With no railway on the island, for Christmas someone kindly gave us the book, ‘The Thomas the Tank Engine Man’ – the life of the Reverend W. Awdry by Brian Sibley. The trend was followed up with a ‘Train Set in a Tin’. Perhaps I could build that this evening!