The Wild West

It has been a day of dramatic contrasts. Joys and sorrows reflected in the weather. Sunshine and black skies. Calmness drowned out by high winds and squalls of driving hail. It was a great privilege this afternoon to be involved in Tiree High School’s (Àrd-Sgoil Thiriodh) Carol Service held in Heylipol Church of Scotland. Family members and […]

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Challenging Conditions

In various ways these two words ‘Challenging Conditions’ sum up ‘Life on Tiree’ at the present time. For many there is the excitement that surrounds Christmas, but for others their circumstances are challenging. Living on Tiree, in contrast to the Mainland, we are often more conscious of one another’s joys and sorrows. Blessings and buffetings are two […]

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Community Spirit

The Isle of Tiree could well be called the ‘Friendly Island’.  In July when the TMF (Tiree Music Festival) site had to be evacuated in the face of high winds, the community came together providing transport and accommodation, some in island homes.  The welcome is extended to those who visit the island whether staying in […]

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Nae Snaw

Tiree is a snow free zone today and that’s how it normally is on the island. Although at noon the thermometer had climbed to a high of 5.4 ° for much of the morning the temperature never reached 4°.  It was so peaceful . It was not just the almost complete absence of wind in the morning and it was also […]

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Today’s Winter Palette

For the first time in days, we caught a glimpse of the Paps of Jura from our south facing windows. They appeared on the horizon just after we had a hint of sunrise. Instead of leaden skies throughout the hours of daylight, there were moments when when the sun made a brief appearance. However, dark […]

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Hail The Clansman

With friends leaving the island on the Thursday ferry, and no boat since Sunday, a visit to the pier was a must. As the vessel came into sight, to our surprise the outline was that of the ‘Clansman’ and not that of the ‘Lord of the Isles’ – the latter being the ferry normally rostered […]

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Three Ds

Speak of storm ‘Desmond’ and two other words spring to mind – deluge and destruction. Thankfully, although we have had our share of wind, we have been spared the destructive deluge experienced by others on the Mainland. In some places, the island may look more water than land, but there has been no loss of […]

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A Shepherd’s Warning

Sunrise today on Tiree was at 8:40 and with the sunrise came a ‘shepherd’s warning’ of stormy weather to come. There was but a fleeting glimpse of the sun before the clouds hid it completely from view. The sky is now dark grey, the rain is pouring and the wind is gusting to over 40mph. […]

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A Colourful Conclusion

The day was predominantly grey, but daylight hours came to a colourful conclusion. Coming out of Tigh-a-Rudha, Tiree’s Care Home, the sky was ablaze with colour and colourful patterns. Let the pictures speak for themselves. In a black and white world there is an attractiveness.

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Grey Days

Tiree has the reputation of being one of the sunnniest places in the United Kingdom, but sitting out in the waters of the North Atlantic we also have our share of grey days. Today, has been one of those days. There have been a few showers, sometimes affecting one part of the island and not […]

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