Golden Jura

After yesterday’s grey snow laden skies,
today dawned with clear views across the island and beyond.
From our south facing windows we could distinctly see the Paps of Jura.

The ‘Paps’ had an amazing setting.
What a palette of gold, red, pink and blue
to mention just a few of the colours on this spectacular canvas.

On Tiree we live at the centre of the Hebrides.
Being relatively flat we are rewarded with such magnificent view

The view of the 'Paps' from Heylipol
The view of the ‘Paps’ from Heylipol

From our own correspondent in Heylipol this view of sunrise and the ‘Paps’.
This is ‘Life On Tiree’.

The Paps of Jura fare located on the southern half of the island.
The highest of the three is Beinn an Oir,
the Mountain of Gold, is 785m/2576 ft
Beinn Shiantaidh, the Sacred Mountain, is 757m/2477 ft
and stands to the east of Beinn an Oir.